Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need to arrive early for my reservation? 

It is recommended to arrive at least 30-45 minutes early to give you time to park, complete waiver(s), pre-authorization to be approved,  helmet fitting, Vespa orientation, and receiving recommendations about scenic routes. 

Are same day cancellations refunded? 

Same day cancellations are NOT refunded.  Your reservation is held for you and displaces other people from renting at the same time.  Please respect your reservation time and arrange to be 30-45 minutes early for your reservation so that we can process waivers, pre-authorization and provide you with a safety orientation.    If you do require changes to your reservation, please call 72 hours in advance to arrange.  

Is a pre-authorization on my credit card required? 

Yes.  Each customer is responsible for producing a valid credit card that can take a pre-authorization of $1,500 per scooter .  This security deposit is to help protect against possible damages.  When the scooter is returned with no damages, the pre-authorization is immediately voided.  Customers may receive receipts for the pre-authorization and the voiding of the pre-authorization.  Taking a security deposit  is standard business practice.  Failure to proceed with a valid pre-authorization would require the reservation to be forfeited at the customers expense.  Please bring a valid credit card or cash for the pre-authorization as a debit card is not available for pre-authorization payment.  

What do I need to bring?

A major credit card, valid drivers license identification, sunglasses/prescription glasses, comfortable clothing of your choice and water is recommended.  Note:  we also have  insulated thermos and U-V sunglasses for sale.   

What is included? 

Unlimited Mileage/ kilometers, 3rd party liability insurance, Gas, 2 sanitized helmets & cotton  head covers, extra lock. 

Is there storage on the Vespa? 

There is a small storage area under the seat to carry small items like, extra layer of clothing/ a grocery bag or purse/ cell phone, wallet/keys/water bottle.  

Are there any restrictions on where I can go on the scooter?
Our 49cc scooters are considered "limited speed vehicles" and reach a maximum speed of about 65 km/hr (40 mph) which means they are NOT  permitted on highways including the Trans Canada Highway (Highway #1). Also, scooters CANNOT be driven or parked on sidewalks, pathways or pedestrian only bridges or designation areas .  Scooter CANNOT be driven on the Legacy Trail to Canmore.  Failure to respect pedestrian only or shared bicycle pathways will be. subject to fines payable by the driver of the scooter and my forfeit future use of scooter.  Please respect posted signs and drive scooters only on designated roads.  Scooters are not allowed on grass areas.  

Can I drive a rental scooter off road?
Scooters are NOT allowed to travel on non-paved roads or bike pathways.  Failure to respect where the scooter can be driven may forfeit your rental agreement and future use. 

Am I responsible for putting gas in the scooter?
No, we offer a premium service:  your rental rate includes gas.  

How far will a scooter go on one tank of gas?
Our fuel-injected scooters are very fuel efficient. With fuel mileage rated at about 40km/L (approximately 90 mpg) a full tank of gas will last you the day!

How old do I need to be to rent?

 18 years of age with a valid class 5 drivers license or equivalent valid license. 

  • Can I take an authorized passenger?

Yes you can take one authorized  passenger per Vespa. Authroized passenger are passengers who have  completed mandatory waivers on file.  No other passengers are allowed.   All passengers must be able to touch their feet to passenger footrest.   Our  Vespa scooters accommodate 1 driver and 1 passenger.  Each Vespa is limited to ONE ALUTHORIZED driver and ONE AUTHORIZED passenger.   Failure to respect this policy may result in charges to pre-authorization and may restrict future ability to rent scooters and may result in charges being laid by the police.  Unauthorized passengers or drivers are not allowed on the scooter at any time.  

Are there any height restrictions?

 Passengers must be at least 4' tall to sit comfortably and safely on the scooter.-children passengers are recommended to ride  if their feet touch the foot rests. Parent/Guardian is responsible and signed  waivers by the parent/guardian are required for any minor. Drivers who are 5'2" or taller can comfortable drive. 

Is some strength and mobility required to drive a scooter? 

Yes.  Drivers must demonstrate that they can safely take the scooter on and off the kickstand.  Drivers must be able to safely mount and dismount the scooter.  If you have mobility or strength  issues, please call us to discuss PRIOR TO making a reservation.  

I am traveling from outside of Canada do I need an international driving permit?
Customers from the U.S. do not need an international driver's permit. All customers from outside of Canada and the U.S. must present a valid international driver's permit to rent.  

I have never ridden a scooter before, can I still rent?
We provide a brief orientation and safety session. We recommend that all drivers have at minimum driven a bicycle.  From controls to driving the orientation allows you to get comfortable with the scooter before you travel on the road.  All drivers must demonstrate safety practices during the orientation.  Failure to demonstrate safety practices does not forfeit the rental agreement and the customer is responsible for payment of the reservation.  If you have any questions please call us prior to making your reservation.  

Is there somewhere to store my things on the scooters?
Yes, all of our scooters have locking, under seat storage which is about the size of a fully-filled grocery bag.

Are you located near public transit?

Yes, the local bus, "Roam Transit", Route #2 drops you at our doorstep at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel whee we ae located: 405 Spray Avenue, Banff Springs Hotel, Conference Retail Area.  

Taxi Service is also available.  Customers can also walk or ride bicycles to our location.  

Where do I pick up and drop off the Vespa Scooter?

Pick up and return are at the original departure location: Banff By Scooter Retail Office at   405 Spray Avenue, Banff, Alberta. T1L 1J4.  We are located in the Banff Springs Hotel, Conference Retail Section. Easy to find, just come up Spray Avenue to round-a-bout and we are located on the right side-you can't miss our brightly coloured Vespas out front!  Please arrive 30-45 minutes prior to your booked ride so all waivers , pre-authorization, and orientation can be provided.  

Do I need to know how to drive?

Yes, proficient, safe, driving skills are required.  US and Canadians require a current valid drivers license and all others require a current international drivers license.  Learners license are not permitted.  

Where do I park? 

Parking is the customers responsibility.  In most areas of Banff National Park, parking  is in high demand, and it can be very difficult to find available spaces. If the parking areas for your intended location are full, check BanffNow and for alternative places to visit and the current status of available parking.

If you drive up to our location at 405 Spray Avenue, there is limited free parking on the street across from the tennis courts, just prior to entering the roundabout.  There is also limited parking outside our store and  paid parking at the covered garage, beyond the round-about-at the hotel.  

There is also a bus, Roam transit route #2 that comes directly  to our location.  There are also a number of taxis that you can call.  Walking or riding a bike is also an option.  We are located at the hotel conference centre, on the right side as you drive into the round-a-bout at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, 405 Spray Ave. Banff, AB.