Thank you for your reservation.  See you soon for a scooter ride at Banff By Scooter.


What Do I Need to Know?

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to your reservation
  • Sunglasses or eyewear for each rider
  • Valid driver's license for driver
  • Valid credit card for the security deposit of $1000 /scooter rented (Note: security is returned same day when scooter returned damage free)
  • Bring layered clothing for changing mountain weather conditions
  • There is a small storage under the seat of the Vespa scooter for valuables.


1. When should I arrive for my reservation?

Customers must arrive 30 minutes prior to reserved time to allow time for check in. Please give yourself time for parking, washrooms prior to your check in.

2. How old do I need to be to rent a Vespa?

To rent a Vespa, you must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid driver's license. In Alberta this is known as (Class 5 GDL or non-GDL, or Class 6) license. If you can drive a vehicle in Canada independantly, then you can rent a Vespa scooter.

3. What kind of license do I need?

You do NOT require a mortocycle license to drive a Vespa. We accept valid Canadian, U.S. International License to drive a vehicle independantly. In Alberta, this license this is known as (Class 5 GDL or non-GDL, or Class 6) license.

4. Is prior riding experience required and what is the minimum age to rent?

Drivers must be 18 years of age to rent the Vespa. Passengers can be minors but tall enough to touch the foot pedals. Prior Vespa Scooter experience is NOT required but we do recommend that you are a confident automobile driver and are comfortable riding a bicycle. Our friendly staff provide basic orientation for all drivers to ensure they feel confident and comfortable with the Vespa. Passengers do not require any prior experience.

5. How many hours should I rent the Vespa for?

We offer full-day, 4 hour, 3 hour, 2 hour, 1 hour rentals. We provide you with advice on various routes to take in Banff that are scenic & memorable. If you require a multi-day rental, please call us at 587-327-4111 to discuss. We also offer our Vespas for photo shoots for weddings and special events.

6. What items do I need to bring for the rental?

You will need to bring a credit card, a valid driver's license, and eyewear (if driving glasses/sunglasses)

7. Can I ride with a passenger?

Riding tandem on our Vespa scooters is recommended for experienced riders who are fully confident in their abilities. It is crucial to understand that by choosing to ride tandem, the responsibility for the safety of both the rider and the passenger rests solely with the rider. Banff By Scooter accepts no liability for any injuries sustained by a passenger, regardless of their age. We strongly advise riders to assess their skills and capabilities before opting for tandem riding. Your safety is paramount to us, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to this rule. 

8. What happens in case of bad weather?

Your safety is our priority. If we determine that weather conditions are unsafe for riding, we will offer rescheduling or refunds, at the customer's choice. We will notify you promptly in such situations. 

9. How do I make a reservation?

To make a reservation, please use our online website: We recommend reserving at least 1 week in advance to secure your preferred date and time.

10. Are there any age restrictions for passengers?

Banff By Scooter only recommends riding tandem for experienced riders and accepts no liability for the injury of a passenger, regardless of age. Moreover, all riders on the Vespa are required by law to wear a helmet. We provide an extra helmets for passengers for no extra cost. In the event that our helmets do not fit a rider properly, we kindly request that you provide your own DOT approved helmet. Each rider is responsible for ensuring a proper fit of the helmet. A proper fitting helmet is essential to maximize safety and protect against potential risks. If children are passengers, their feet must be able to touch the foot pedal provided for tandem riding and they must have a legal guardian who signs their waiver. Thank you for your cooperation in prioritizing safety during your Vespa mountain experience with us. 

11. What should I wear during the ride?

We recommend wearing appropriate riding gear, including a helmet (included in the rental ), closed-toe shoes, sunglasses, and comfortable clothing suitable for the changing mountin weather. Long sleeves and long pants are strongly recommended to protect yourself in the event of a fall. 

12. Can I bring my own helmet?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own helmet, as long as it meets safety standards and regulations. In Canada the helmet must be DOT approved and bear this stamp. Sports helmets (hockey, football, baseball, cycling, non DOT approved helmets etc.) will not be accepted

13. Why is a security deposit required on a valid credit card?

A security deposit of $1000 is required for each Vespa rented. The security deposit is returned same day once the Vespa is returned damage free. In the event that the Vespa is damaged, the damage will be assessed and the owner of the credit card is responsible for full payment of all damages.

14. What happens if I am unable to make my reservation?

Customers may reschedule reservations up to 2 days prior to the beginning of the reservation day to a time and day that is available. Cancellations are also allowed up to 2 days prior to the reservation.

15. What is your cancellation & weather policy?

Customers reserve the right to cancel a reservation up to 2 days prior to the reservation date for a 100% refund ond/or to change the reservation to a more suitable day and time.

Banff By Scooter reserves the right to use their full discretion to determine if inclement weather conditions are deemed to be unsuitable for the rental to proceed and to cancel or reschedule the reservation at the customers wish. In the event of unforseen circumstances from Banff By Scooter, the rental may also be forfeifited and a full refund will be provided or an opportunity to reschedule will be provided based upon the customer's wishes.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. We're here to ensure you have an amazing Vespa experience!

BLOG: Explore 5 Lakes in Banff National Park with Banff By Scooter

So you are planning a trip to Banff and want to do explore some of Banff's beautiful lakes and mountain vistas! Wonderful! Renting a scooter is an amazing way to explore Banff's Lakes up close.

In Banff, our central base for scooters is at the beautiful Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. You can choose a brightly coloured Vespa Scooter to rent and then our friendly staff will recommend various self guided routes to take and provide you with a map of the area. There are so many routes that include lakes and mountains to choose from.

  1. Cascade Ponds

In this first route is about 17 km) from Banff By Scooter and once there you will ride a 24km loop with outstanding mountain and lake vistas.

Enroute to Lake Minnewanka by scooter will bring you the famous Cascade Ponds, where you can chill in the most idylic location for a picnic with plenty of picnic benches, firepits to BBQ your lunch. A nice walking trail skirts the ponds for a short leisurely walk before you hop back on your Vespa Scooter.

2. Lake Minnewanka

The spirit of Lake Minnewanka has been attracting visitors to this Lake for it's beautiful mountain and lake vistas and folklore. The scenic route is about 24km in length and it's a loop so its easy to follow. There is ample opportunity to stop your Vespa Scooter and explore the surrounding beauty and history of the area. If you wish you could spend a full day exploring this part of Banff National Park. There is a snack shack that you can grab some lunch at if you didn't pack your own lunch in the Vespa scooter. Love wildlife? You never really know what kind of wildlife encounters you will see. Bighorn sheep frequent the area so drive slowly, and enjoy the awesome pictures you might get, while keeping a safe distance from them.

3. Two Jack Lake

Further along the route you will ride your scooter to Two Jack Lake, a photo worthy emerald green lake in Banff National Park. Beyond the lake you will view the beautiful Mount Rundle. Maybe you want to spend some time by the water, or catch a sunset?

4. Johnson Lake

Less known to tourists, is Johnson Lake, kown to locals for a great spot to soak up the sun or a quick dip in the lake due to it being protected from the wind. So feel free to pack a swimming gear into the trunk of the Vespa scooter and experience a swim in Banff National Park. Afterwards you might want to enjoy some sunbathing or one of the picnic benches to eat lunch.

5. Vermillion Lakes

Just a short scooter ride (about 15 minutes from Banff By Scooter) you will find a quieter tree lined road along a series of lakes located immediately west of the Banff townsite in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Vermillion Lakes are 3 lakes formed in the Bow River valley, in Banff National Park, located at the foot of Mount Norquay. As you ride along the quieter road, you will come upon lakes, two of which have public access docks overlooking beautiful Mount Rundle. The sunsets here are breathtaking and a great way to end or better yet start your day with a coffee as you dip your toes in the water or go for a swim.

BLOG: An Italian Cultural Experience in Banff Alberta

In 1946, the Vespa Scooter was offically launched in Rome, Italy. Today, Vespa scooters have evolved to a full line of scooters. Today, you can't visit Itally without seeing thousands of scooters zipping around the ancient streets.

If you have always dreamed of driving a Vespa, look no further! Banff By Scooter offers Italian Vespas in a wide array of colours. You don't need a motorcycle license to drive one-only a valid drivers license. An orientation is offered that get you comfortable to enjoy the mountain vistas of Banff in no time! So if you can't get away to Italy this summer, why not opt for an Italian cultural experience in Banff? The beautiful mountain vistas and winding roads, sights and sounds will make you feel like you are in the mountains of Italy! The air here is fresh and the italian food amazing!

So why not combine your Scooter Ride with one of the many Italian restaurants in Banff!

You can choose from:

  • Castello Ristorante
  • Lupo Italian Ristorante & Patio
  • Una Pizza & Wine
  • Pacini
  • La Terrazza

What ever your choice, remember to make a reservations at both Banff By Scooter and the restaurant of your choice. Plan your Italian cultural experience in Banff today.

Justin Bieber X Vespa Scooter Has Arrived @ Banff By Scooter

Banff by Scooter has taken delivery of a JUSTIN BIEBER VESPA Scooter!

What is a Justin Bieber X Vespa Scooter you ask? Well it is an unexpected and exciting collaboration at top levels of the global pop culture

Justin Bieber, an internationally acclaimed Canadian music star with millions of fans all over the world, joins up efforts with Vespa to unveil JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA, a new exclusive Vespa model personally ideated and designed by the singer.

It's design is classic.....pure white from everything to the mirrors to the foot treads. Justin Beiber included his name on the rear fenders along with a white & beige flame.

If you have a special occasion coming up, please call us at 587-327-4111 to discuss reserving this in store model.

Reserve Your Justin Bieber Vespa X Scooter today at Banff By Scooter