COVID 19 Practices for Your Health & Safety

In order to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19, Banff By Scooter has implemented the following practices to ensure that your health and safety is of the highest priority.  

We promote physical distancing of 2 meters/6feet from others as an effective way to reduce spread of the illness.  

High touch surfaces that are frequently touched by others following environmental cleaning and disinfecting guidelines (ie: payment terminals, handlebars, office doors and surfaces) and we make access to temporary hand hygiene supplies. 

We ask that you limit the use of shared scooter riding to those individuals who are within your designated bubble. 

We have decreased the number of people in our indoor retails space to allow for ease of traffic in a staggered manner,  free of face to face contact between users and remind people to merge into single file as needed.   

Should participant of scooters wear masks?  

The wearing of non-medical masks on the face is an additional personal practice  for those above 2 years of age and is a Town of Banff Bylaw that may help to prevent infectious respiratory droplets of unknowingly infected person to come into contact with other people.  If the wearing of a mask while riding a scooter in the outdoors is not possible or is unpredictable, not tolerable , or poses risk from injury if the mask is caught on equipment,  physical distancing remains an important personal protective practice.  A face shield can be used or considered.  




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